Elder Scrolls

The Job Gone Wrong
In which an unfortunate fate befalls those who might not have deserved it.

The Fighters Guild contract seemed simple enough: there have been sightings of Necromancers in the West Gash region by the mountain grasslands. Kill them and bring back proof of their wrongdoings. Our Mages Guild members got a similar quest, but only to find out their location, and send word back to the guild about their size and strength.

Thus, Veera, Heem-Za, Q’aiq, and Eno set off into the open road outside of Ald’Rhun to see what they could find. After much of the day is spent traveling, they stumble across many side paths to the road. They eventually take one and find an Ancestral Tomb. Upon exploration, the tomb itself was small. However, they are followed in by a skeletal horror in the dark. Heem-Za blasts it with fire, revealing it to be an ordinary skeleton who had many herbs strapped to it. The sounds of flight are heard from further up, and the party gives chase.

Two females in black robes flee the tomb, our party in hot pursuit. One is caught by Heem-za, the other, pursued by Eno and Veera. Q’aiq, being an efficient sort, decided his companions had the situation in hand, and went back down into the tomb to search for treasures while the attention of the Dunmer was away.

Wrestling the female Argonian into submission, Eno questions his prisoner. She reveals herself to indeed be a necromancer, but swears that there are no more of them, and that they have hurt no one with their rites. The two belive her story for the most part, and debate over what to do about her. Unknown to them, Heem-Za has fulfilled his contract, killing the other hostage. The two groups meet, the living necromancer hiding behind a tree. The mages ask what happened, and Heem-Za tells them.

The necromancer bursts from hiding and demands satisfaction with a duel. The scene becomes emotional, and Veera flees, closely followed by Eno, leaving the two to settle their mortal conflict. Heem-Za avoids her magical attacks, then uses a potent scroll that he has been saving. He only has some idea what it does. The effects are monumental, and end up damaging him almost as much as his opponent with a gigantic blast of fire. Wounded, Heem-Za learns the name of the woman he has killed from her dying words in the now ash strewn hillside. He returns to the group that has now gathered in front of the Tomb. They march back to Ald’Rhun in an uncomfortable silence.


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